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Work Order Help

How to submit a new work order via the Telecom web site

Note: you can click the red-underlined work order type at the top of the form to go back and change your work order type.
  1. Upon reaching the first step of the Work Order you will be
    prompted to insert your email address and current mailstop as
    can be seen below. Be sure to use the unlv.edu email address
    that you have on file with Human Resources.
  2. Next you will be prompted to select the work type of your request
    from the drop down menu. Please do so and click “go”.
  3. The third step requires that you select a work order sub type
    from the drop down menu. After you do so please click “go”.
  4. Step four requires you fill out the actual work order based on
    the type and sub type you selected. It should be obvious that
    anything denoted with an asterisk * is a required field. The
    form will not submit if you leave any of the required fields
    blank. When finished filling out the form click the “submit”
    button. You should see a message confirming the success of your