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Activate Your New Device Online

On behalf of the campus community, Administrative Services has negotiated a new contract to provide wireless/cellular telephone service for UNLV. T-Mobile has been selected as UNLV’s preferred cellular carrier, replacing AT&T. The new contract with T-Mobile will introduce several improvements with the ordering process as well as offer unlimited voice and data plans resulting in savings of approximately 14 thousand dollars a month to the UNLV campus. The changes to the procurement process for cellular phones and wireless devices will be more user friendly as T-Mobile has worked with Administrative Services to design a UNLV web portal that is customized according to UNLV’s contract. As part of the new agreement with T-Mobile, the monthly service plans offered will include no overage charges to the campus as a whole which in turn will cut down the time used for the department reconciliation process. Finally, the new rate plans will separate the monthly rate plan from the equipment cost allowing the end user to reduce their monthly cost once their device has been paid for.

The transition from AT&T to T-Mobile is expected to take 60 days and will begin about mid August 2016 on a department-by-department basis. T-Mobile representatives will be in contact with campus department coordinators in the near future to schedule the transfer of equipment and porting of phone numbers.

Administrative services has been working with department coordinators to facilitate a smooth transition.

If you have questions on what devices are available or your transition date, contact your department coordinator.