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Wireless Device Disposal

Many options are available for reuse or disposal of University wireless devices which are old or no longer needed. While wireless devices are currently specific to the service provider you utilize, your number can be removed from the phone and replaced with another number from the same provider.

If the phone is from the Universities preferred provider, the individual should inquire within their department to see if any other faculty or staff member can use the wireless device. Department heads may wish to hold onto deactivated phones from preferred provider to serve as backup for lost or broken phones, or for staff who need a new phone.

*If the department cannot identify a business need for the old cell phone the device should be sent to the Campus Surplus Program for proper disposal.

University wireless devices that are turned over to Campus Surplus for disposal must be properly sanitized to delete and erase all information from the phone.

Before disposing of a university wireless device in any manner the department must remove all personal information and data -- such as contact names and phone numbers, notes, calendars, documents, etc. -- from the device.

For sanitization instructions, check the device's user guide, or the web site of the manufacturer or the operating system. Terminology will differ, but look for phrases such as "clear storage" (Windows Mobile), "hard reset" (Palm OS), or "data wipe" (Blackberry), or similar terms.

For further assistance, the Cell Phone Data Eraser web site provides tools and instructions for most cell phone manufacturers and models. More information can be found on the website here: http://www.wikihow.com/Delete-Cell-Phone-Memory