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UNLV Telecom and ATTUNLV Telecom and AT&T

All new UNLV corporate liable (where UNLV pays for the cellular and/or data service) cellular wireless service should be acquired from the preferred service provider. Departments with existing service through a vendor other than AT&T should transfer to AT&T as soon as it is economically feasible. For existing corporate liable cellular phone customers, cell phone number portability became effective on November 24, 2003, which allows a user to change cellular providers while keeping their existing cellular telephone number. Exceptions to using the preferred provider should be justified by the employee’s supervisor and forwarded to the Telecommunications department for approval.

UNLV departments and Employees will receive a discount on both phones and wireless plans and service. The amount of the discount varies based on if the plan will be for personal or corporate liable service.

Plans are UNLV specific: UNLV Plans.
AT&T Devices: Devices.
The AT&T Insurance Plan: AT&T Insurance.
Activate Your New Device Online: Activate Online
Activate Your Upgraded Phone: Call Toll Free 866-895-1099 Choose option 1 when prompted for an account number then follow the prompts to active the upgraded phone.

Employee Discounts


In addition to a wireless telephone, some university employees may require other wireless devices such as a tablet (iPad or similar device), or other personal computational device that uses a cellular connection for wireless network access. Before you purchase one of these devices, you should review the following information and work with your telephone coordinator to ensure all UNLV policies are followed.

Each department has a designated Telephone Coordinator who acts as the point of contact between their department and the Telecom office. The Telephone coordinator will work with UNLV Telecom to ensure your telecom needs are being met.

The AT&T Tablet FAQ can be found here: Tablets FAQ