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What do I need to know about cellular data service?

  • Business Services requires an academic or duty-specific reason to justify the need for a tablet (iPad or similar device) or tablet with cellular data service.
  • For new service, a request should be placed to Telecommunications http://telecom.unlv.edu/workorder
  • If your tablet (iPad or similar device) is enabled with 3G/4G/LTE service from AT&T, you have the option to enroll in a University data service plan. Monthly charges are billed back to the department utilizing the same billing method that is used for office and cell phones.
  • Cellular data service is billed month-by-month, recurring until the service is cancelled. Service can be enabled and cancelled at any time through the Telecommunications Department
  • 3G/4G/LTE radios and terms are specific to the carrier that supports the tablet (iPad or similar device). Plans are NOT interchangeable between carriers, and you CANNOT convert a tablet (iPad or similar device) to a different carrier.
  • Questions regarding cellular data plans and their administration should be directed to the Telecommunications Department