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Should I buy display adapters?

The iPad requires an additional cable to connect to campus projectors and monitors. If you plan to connect your iPad to a projector or another type of external screen, you will need a display adapter. You may purchase a VGA adapter, HDMI adapter, or both.

What color iPad should I get: black or white?

This is a completely cosmetic decision; it is entirely up to you!

How much storage will my iPad need?

This depends on how you intend to use your iPad. If you are planning to use your iPad primarily for email access, web browsing, viewing or composing documents and spreadsheets, and using a few apps, the 16 GB model should suffice. If you will be using a variety of apps or working with multimedia files, you will likely want the 32 GB or 64 GB models. Additional storage cannot be added later, so it may be better to buy more storage than you will need, than to buy too little storage.

What do I do if I no longer need my tablet? (iPad or similar device)

If you no longer have a need for your device, then you must notify your Telecom Coordinator so that a work request can be entered to disconnect your service. Once service has been terminated, the device needs to be “wiped” of ALL personal and institutional information. The device and its accessories should then be labeled with the user’s name and returned to the Telecom Admin office to be placed in surplus. If unsure as to how to “wipe” the device, a call can be made to the IT Help Desk at 5-0777 to assist in doing this.

What if I am changing departments or leaving the University?

Tablets (iPads or similar devices) belong to the department and not to any particular employee. Should the employee change positions or departments the tablet (iPad or similar device) remains the property of the department that made the purchase.

Does my tablet? (iPad or similar device) have to be barcoded by UNLV Inventory Control for Tracking Purposes?

Yes, since these devices have internal memory similar to a computer, the devices must be bar coded and tracked in accordance with NSHE policy. To get your device tagged please contact UNLV Inventory Control at 5-0859 or request a bar code at: http://apps.telecom.unlv.edu/DeliveryWebForms/Barcoding

What is needed for international Services?

International Add-On data plan packages (no early termination fee) provide discounted data rates in more than 120 countries. For a listing of countries and carriers included in the data global add-on packages, visit https://att.com/globalcountries (non-covered countries: $.0195/kb).

What if I have a Wi-Fi only version but still need to connect to the Internet away from a Wi-Fi connection?

Mi-Fi devices, or aircards, can be purchased from AT&T to create hotspots for iPads that do not have the built-in 3G/4G/LTE capability. These devices will require separate data plans and incur monthly charges just as any other wireless cellular device.

You can also, activate your smartphone (iOS or Android) with a mobile hot-spot (Tethering) feature to connect your Wi-Fi only tablet to the internet. This service is available thorough AT&T for an additional monthly cost.

What do I need to know about cellular data service?
  • Business Services requires an academic or duty-specific reason to justify the need for a tablet (iPad or similar device) or tablet with cellular data service.
  • For new service, a request should be placed to Telecommunications http://telecom.unlv.edu/workorder
  • If your tablet (iPad or similar device) is enabled with 3G/4G/LTE service from AT&T, you have the option to enroll in a University data service plan. Monthly charges are billed back to the department utilizing the same billing method that is used for office and cell phones.
  • Cellular data service is billed month-by-month, recurring until the service is cancelled. Service can be enabled and cancelled at any time through the Telecommunications Department
  • 3G/4G/LTE radios and terms are specific to the carrier that supports the tablet (iPad or similar device). Plans are NOT interchangeable between carriers, and you CANNOT convert a tablet (iPad or similar device) to a different carrier.
  • Questions regarding cellular data plans and their administration should be directed to the Telecommunications Department
Should I buy the Wi-Fi or Cellular (3G/4G/LTE) Version?

The Wi-Fi-only model will only be able to access the Internet where Wi-Fi coverage is available.
The Wi-Fi and Cellular Data model is capable of connecting to both Wi-Fi and wireless cellular data networks. Access to the cellular wireless data network is only available where the cellular provider has network coverage, and may not be available in all locations, or may require additional roaming charges.

A Wi-Fi and Cellular Data model tablet can be used on Wi-Fi networks without activating the cellular data plan, but the carrier will not subsidize the cost of the device without activating the cellular plan.

A Wi-Fi only model of a tablet cannot be upgraded after purchase for use on a wireless cellular data network.

AT&T is the preferred carrier for UNLV All new UNLV corporate liable (where UNLV pays for the cellular and/or data service) cellular wireless service should be acquired from the preferred service provider. AT&T offers a data calculator to help you calculate how much money the monthly cellular data will cost. Since many functions of the device require Internet access, careful thought must be put into which Internet connection option is best for you.