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If you would like to Purchase a Wi-Fi only tablet (iPad or similar device) then you should work with the following vendors to obtain comparative quotes before making your purchase. The following vendors should be consulted when purchasing a tablet.

Purchasing a Wi-Fi iPad through Apple

To purchase Wi-Fi iPads, you must go through Apple. In UNLV’s contract with Apple, iPads are offered at a discount only when bought in quantities of ten or more*Units ordered in packs of 10 must have the same type, color, size, and carrier

• Wi-Fi iPads are discounted at $200 per 10 units, or $400 per 10 units when bought with Apple Care

To Purchase any other brands of Wi Fi Tablets you should obtain a quote from a vendor of your choice.

If you would like to purchase a Cellular capable tablet (iPad or similar device), customers should take care to ensure that purchased tablets are compatible with AT&T services

This can best be accomplished by purchasing tablets from UNLV’s preferred wireless carrier AT&T.

To place an order for a Cellular tablet (iPad or similar device) you can submit a Work Order to Telecommunications at: http://telecom.unlv.edu/workorder

Cellular tablets (iPads or similar devices) are included under the AT&T agreement, but the Wi-Fi only tablets are not available to purchase from AT&T. No special discounts are offered on Apple branded products. However, $100 discounts are offered with two-year agreements, and, under the AT&T agreement, you can opt to get out of the term at any time without penalty. An unlimited data plan for tablets is also offered that is exclusive to this agreement.

How do I purchase a tablet? (Android, iPad, etc.)

Before a purchase is made, it is important to mention that there are two different types of tablets (iPad or similar device), a Cellular or Wi-Fi only version. Depending on the type of tablet you want (Cellular or Wi-Fi), the way you purchase your device will vary.

Tablets can be purchased in several different ways, and using several different payment methods. Much like desktop and laptop computers, tablets can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or from a reseller

Since many tablets also have cellular radios built into them to access the internet over the cellular network, the tablets can also be purchased from a wireless provider. Just as a cell phone purchased from one carrier may not work on another carrier’s network, a tablet purchased from one carrier may not operate on another carrier’s network.

Wi-Fi capable Tablets can be purchased using a P-Card, but be aware that university policy will not allow the use of the P-Card to pay for monthly service fees for wireless connectivity. Using a P-Card to pay for wireless service to avoid using UNLV’s preferred wireless carrier is not permitted and may result in budget complications.

How do I change my voicemail password?

Changing the voicemail password if you are locked out of your voice mailbox requires a request be submitted Here

How do I change the name on my phone?

The name change requires a request be submitted Here

I'm having billing issues

All billing issues require a request be submitted Here

Why can’t I forward my phone line off campus or to my cell phone?

Forwarding phone extensions off campus is a feature that must be activated on your phone and requires a request be submitted Here

How do I make long distance or International calls?

Domestic: 8+1+Area Code+Number
Ex: 8 (to get off campus) 1-702-555-1212

International: 8+011+Country Code+City Code+Number
Ex: 8 (to get off campus) 011-24-702-555-1212
Directory Assistance*: 8+1+555+1212
Ex: 8 (to get off campus) 1-702-555-1212
*Calls are charged as long distance
How do I transfer a call?

Both Nortel and Cisco phones have a transfer key (button).

While on an active call press the Transfer key.
Dial the number to which you are transferring the call.
When you hear ringing, press Transfer again, OR when the party answers, announce the call and press Transfer
Hang up to end your participation in the call.

If activation is needed, a request must be submitted Here

Do I have conference capabilities?

Yes, all phones have Conference Call capability.

Ad Hoc:

  • Press Conference
  • Dial the second party’s number (Remember to dial 8 for outside calls)
  • Press Conference again to add the next party, then press connect to complete etc. (You may conference up to 6 people including yourself.)

Conference Bridge:

The conference bridge is a designated phone number configured to connect multiple telephone calls into one. The conference bridge is not available at this time.