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Purchasing a Tablet/iPad

T-Mobile has been selected as UNLV’s preferred cellular carrier, replacing AT&T.

Phone coordinators will be notified when the T Mobile web portal is available.

Email TELECOM@UNLV.EDUfor any requests for wireless services including new, upgrades and changes.

The following information is required to order a new phone:



Acct to bill for purchase:

Monthly billing account:

User name:



Device type (include color):

Device information can be found here here.

Iphones - Apple Care (One time $99.99, must be purchased at this time if requested: YES OR NO)

Smart phones - Standard Insurance ($5/Month):

Equipment cost:

Choose EIP (over 24 months) or full price :


iPads / Tablets:
• $10.00 Unlimited data with 2GB 4G LTE
• $29.75 Unlimited 4G LTE
Requester info: Name / phone / email