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Billing / Receipts

Telecom Service Receipt (TSR)

The monthly Telecommunications Services Receipt is now paperless. The TSR is the combined billing of monthly Telecommunications services that includes: phone line service, long distance, wireless and work orders.


An electronic version of the Services Receipt in .pdf format is available at the following link:


Each month, when the Services Receipt has been prepared, a department representative will receive an email notifying them that the document is ready for download. Telecommunications has done its best to collect accurate email addresses for department representatives, however, it is the department's responsibility to notify Telecommunications of any changes or corrections. Please contact Telecom@unlv.edu if the listed contact information is incorrect.

Additional records requests, records searches, or reports on activity can be compiled and provided by Telecom for the fee of $130 per request.

*Effective October 2009, Telecom will begin processing the monthly TSR within 5 working days of notification that the TSR is available for review.