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Call Trees

Call Trees are commonly used by departments to automatically answer incoming calls with a recorded greeting prior to offering callers the opportunity to have their call routed to another office, department, or phone number, based on selecting a number with the phone’s keypad. Call Trees can be very helpful for departments that receive a high volume of calls that need to routinely be redirected.

  • Setup and Install Call Tree, a customer can request a Call Tree be created and installed for fee of $162.50 for Call Trees that use 5 options or less, or $399, for a more complex installation that requires more than 5 options.
  • Call Tree Maintenance, is required for all installed Call Trees and costs $16.25 per month, billed annually at $195.00 per Call Tree. Call Tree Maintenance provides the customer department with Script Changes, Option Changes, Schedule Changes and routine maintenance requests at no additional charge per work request.

Requests for Call Tree installation and service should be made with a request Here

Service expectation for Call Tree installation is 2-4 weeks. The service expectation for Call Tree service is 1-3 business days.