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The newest voice services offered to UNLV. It is a technology that allows the institution tremendous savings in infrastructure costs and provides the potential for some exciting new services to the campus customers. Telecom is in the process of transitioning the campus to Cisco VOIP, and the installation base is growing. Current installations of Cisco VOIP phones are primarily limited to new and renovated facilities.

The primary call features for Cisco VOIP phones are essentially identical to digital phones already used on campus, and there is little difference to the customer between the Cisco VOIP phone and any other business phone. Customers can request that Cisco VOIP extensions be restricted from placing outgoing long distance calls as well as restricted from receiving calls from off campus locations.

There are several models of Cisco phones installed on campus and Telecom supports all of them fully. Details about repair and replacement rates can be found in the Repair section of the Service Catalog.

  • Dial Tone is the basic Cisco VOIP service and has a monthly rate of $8 per extension.
  • Creation and installation of new a circuit, is a flat fee of $32.50.
  • Move an Extension, a customer can request to move an existing extension from one serviceable location to another, for a flat fee of $32.50 for both physical as well as software moves.
  • Cancel Extension, a customer can request an extension be canceled and deleted for a flat fee of $16.25 per extension. This service requires departmental authorization via email from a dean or director level position.
  • Change Caller ID Display Name or Location, a customer can request changes to caller ID display. See the service catalog for the charges applied.
  • Change Phone Feature/Programming, a customer can request changes to a number of programming features on a Cisco VOIP phone such as, prevent or enable ringing on existing extensions, and add or remove long distance on existing extensions at a rate of $16.25 per change.
  • Add Extension to Phone, an existing extension can be added to multiline phones for a fee of $32.50, per extension, onto a maximum of 10 phones per request.
  • Upgrade an existing phone, a customer can request to have their current phone upgraded or replaced. The charge for this service is the Market Cost of the phone, plus the cost of installation as noted above. Costs on Cisco VOIP phones vary depending on model and desired features.

Requests for Cisco VOIP service should be made with a request Here

Service expectation for Cisco VOIP Service is 1-3 business days for installations, upgrades and moves. 0-1 day for changes to caller ID or to cancel an extension.