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Service Catalog

Extension Number (all features included) $8/month
Rollover Number $8/month
Fax Line Extension $8/month
Modem Line Extension $8/month
Voice Mail Box $3/month
Setup New Voice Mail Box $16.25
Close Voice Mail Box $16.25
Domestic Long Distance .07/min
Canada Long Distance .07/min
Mexico (parts) Long Distance .07/min
International .50/min
Analog/Avaya Line Install $65
Analog/Avaya Move (physical) $65
Analog/Avaya Move (software) $32.50
Analog/Avaya Disconnect $16.25
Analog/Avaya Add Extension to Phone $32.50
Avaya Change Feature/Button $16.25
Generic Line Install $65.00
Cisco Move (physical) $32.50
Cisco Move (Software) $32.50
Cisco Disconnect $16.25
Cisco Add Extension to Phone $32.50
Cisco Change Feature/Button $16.25
Display/Name change for Avaya/Cisco $16.25
Call Tree $16.25/month
Call Tree Install (5 options or less) $162.50
Call Tree Install (more than 5 options) $399.00
UCCX Call Tree $2,500 (one time design fee) + Market Cost per license + $360 per seat annually
New Avaya Phone Market Cost
New Cisco Phone Market Cost
Consultation $65/hour
Infrastructure Repair $65/hour
Records Request/Search $130