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T-MOBILE Promotions


UNLV - Employee Benefits with T-Mobile

Call 1-866-464-8662 (Press “0” when asked why calling) and reference Promo Code 8223TMOFAV

Advantage Direct line Hours of Operation - Mon – Fri: 5am-8pm PST & Sat – Sun: 7am-6pm PST

With T-Mobile and this special employee rewards offer, you will receive:

  • T-Mobile Corporate Line / Work Phone Users - Business Family Discounts
    • Special Employee Discount Program with some EXTREME SAVINGS
    • ONLY Corporate line users are eligible for Business Family Discounts on their personal / family accounts
    • Please call the Advantage Direct line @ 1-866-464-8662 for additional details can be up to 50% off in savings!
  • ALL employees save an extra 15% discount off monthly recurring rate plan charges on ALL lines on your account
    • Not available on some select promotional plans, cannot be combined with Business Family Discounts.
  • Special Advantage™ Program offers available throughout the year
  • No annual service contracts and no activation fees
  • Early Termination Fees reimbursed to help free you from your current service contracts – Carrier Freedom
  • Use your device as a Mobile Hotspot (wifi) at NO EXTRA CHARGE – available on high speed data limit plans
  • North America Mobile without Borders – Calls, texts, and data to and from Mexico and Canada are FREE
  • Unlimited data and text in over 140+ countries included at no extra charge
  • Early phone upgrades with sign up of JUMP!
  • Music Freedom - Music Streaming from most popular streaming services, does not count against your data bucket
  • Binge ON - Video from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO Now, and more – doesn’t count against your data bucket on eligible data plan
  • Data Stash, Rollover unused purchased Data - with sign up eligible data plan
  • #Get Thanked - With T-Mobile Tuesday app you get Free Stuff every Week just for being a customer + Stock up and become an owner of the company with a Free Share of T-Mobile Stock
  • Visit pages.iloqal.com/Monthly_Discount/ or CLICK HERE for additional details!

Existing T-Mobile Customers

***Rules and Restrictions May apply. Call T-Mobile Advantage Direct for additional details @ 1-866-464-8662.
*** Additional Contact: Dan Weimer – Regional Marketing Specialist – Dan.Weimer1@T-Mobile.com