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There are two Voice Mail systems in use at UNLV, one for Cisco VoIP phones and one for Nortel and Analog phones.

Unity is the system used for Cisco VoIP phones. It is a powerful and flexible modern voice mail system that offers a great deal of customization and ease of use. Call Pilot is the system used by Nortel and Analog phones and although older, it is still a robust and powerful messaging system. There is little difference to the UNLV customer between the two systems. Minor differences in user interface are mostly related to which buttons correspond to which functions.

Both systems allow the customer to make changes to their greetings, schedule extended away messages and retrieve voice mail remotely.

  • Voice Mail service, on both Unity and Call Pilot, has a monthly rate of $3 per voice mailbox.
  • New Voice Mail Box, a customer can request a new Voice Mail box be created for an existing or new extension, for a flat fee of $16.25.
  • Cancel Voice Mail Box, a customer can request a Voice Mail box be cancelled and deleted. This service requires departmental authorization via email from a dean or director level position and has a fee of $16.25.

Requests for Voice Mail service should be made with a request Here

Service expectation for Voice Mail Service is 1-3 business days.