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Should I buy the Wi-Fi or Cellular (3G/4G/LTE) Version?


The Wi-Fi-only model will only be able to access the Internet where Wi-Fi coverage is available.
The Wi-Fi and Cellular Data model is capable of connecting to both Wi-Fi and wireless cellular data networks. Access to the cellular wireless data network is only available where the cellular provider has network coverage, and may not be available in all locations, or may require additional roaming charges.

A Wi-Fi and Cellular Data model tablet can be used on Wi-Fi networks without activating the cellular data plan, but the carrier will not subsidize the cost of the device without activating the cellular plan.

A Wi-Fi only model of a tablet cannot be upgraded after purchase for use on a wireless cellular data network.

AT&T is the preferred carrier for UNLV All new UNLV corporate liable (where UNLV pays for the cellular and/or data service) cellular wireless service should be acquired from the preferred service provider. AT&T offers a data calculator to help you calculate how much money the monthly cellular data will cost. Since many functions of the device require Internet access, careful thought must be put into which Internet connection option is best for you.